Our Preorder Process

Hi there!

Preorders are a great way to save money on exclusive prints and afford you your best chances to snag prints before they have a chance to sell out.

When you PREORDER, it will be 6-8 weeks from the time I submit the order TO THE MANUFACTURER before I receive the diapers. Once I receive the diapers, I will ship to my customers as quickly as possible, with orders typically shipping out the following day. My preorder process has several phases: Planning, Voting, Open Order, Close + Submission + Samples, Production, and Shipment.

  • PLANNING: I will post mockups for upcoming rounds to the Facebook group – Chaos Cloth Chaotics – in a planning album.
  • VOTING: Voting will also take place in the group with members reacting to their favorite prints. The prints with the most “votes” will be added to the order. Each print will need a minimum of 15 votes to move to the order.
  • OPEN ORDER: When the round opens, I will set a date for the order to open and each print will be added to this site. My diapers are $8.75 in the preorder stage.
    • CUTS: Every order has an MOQ. This is the Minimum Order Quantity of 15 that each print needs as well as the 250 orders needed overall for each round to be put into production. In the event that any print does NOT meet MOQ, customers who ordered that print will receive a full refund for the cost of the diaper(s) plus shipping if applicable. You can stay updated on how the numbers are looking for each print in each preorder via a group post. I encourage rallying for your favorite prints should you find they are in danger of being dropped.
  • CLOSE + SUBMISSION + SAMPLES + FILLS: Once an order closes, I will submit final files to the manufacturer for samples. Any watermarks will be removed and each print will be reviewed to ensure optimal print quality. When I receive pictures of the samples, I will post them to the group. Once the samples are approved and the deposit is paid, the order will be put into production. It is at this time that our typical 6-8 week turnaround time begins. Prints will remain available on this site during this “Fills” phase of ordering, however due to quantities becoming limited, the cost will go up to $9.25.
  • PRODUCTION: After the samples are approved, I will pay the deposit and the order is put into production. There are several steps in the manufacturing process. These steps are provided to you so that you know where each order stands when updates are posted in the group.
    • Printing – The images are printed on the material
    • Waterproofing – The material gets layered with PUL
    • Cutting – Each print is cut out of a larger sheet
    • Snaps – Snaps are added to each diaper-to-be
    • Sewing – Liners and elastics are added and the diapers get sewn into the final product when more snaps are added
    • Inspection – The manufacturer looks over the diapers for flaws and packs them in plastic. At this point I pay the final balance.
    • Shipping – The diapers are sent out and on their way to me!
  • SHIPPING: The manufacturer will ship to me either through FedEx or DHL. Depending on which company they use, shipping can typically take around 3-10 days. Once I have the diapers in hand, I work diligently to count, sort, and pack your orders as quickly as possible. I will do my best to get your orders out the next mail day.
    • ADDRESS CHANGES – I understand moves happen, and can happen suddenly. If your address has changed since payment of your order, please reach out to me. I will refund you the cost of your shipping and send you an invoice via PayPal for your shipping cost, plus a Change of Address fee of $1. PLEASE double-check the address of the new shipping invoice to be sure that it is correct before paying. If another change of address is needed for the same preorder invoice, the fee will go up to $1.50. If your shipping address is incorrect on the new, paid shipping invoice, and your order package is returned to me or delivered to an old/wrong address and kept, I will not be responsible for the cost of replacing the order or reshipping it to the correct address.

Any extras left from the Preorder and Fills phases will go in stock on the Chaos Cloth website after preorders have been filled and shipped out. At this point, the price will go up to $9.75.

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